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By | 2009/11/13

Regardless of your title, most managers and executives find themselves performing “training” (selling, pitching, teaching) at some level. PowerPoint is OK when done right, and there are tons of blogs out there to give you suggestions for “how to build a better PowerPoint presentation. I’d like to cover some alternatives. Here are a few ideas:

: This fun (and free!) tool allows you to create animation, using stock characters or by creating your own characters and background. I’ve created animation videos as part of User Awareness Training and for use in a college Network Security class I teach.

> Wireless Hotspots by Lori

YouTube: There are videos on YouTube for almost any subject. For videos you wish to show multiple times, you can easily download them to your computer and save them in PC/Mac format using RealPlayer. Here is a video I show as part of Bluetooth wireless security training (Joshua Wright , SANS):

GoToWebinar: Not free, but I use this tool to perform remote sales presentations and system demos. It’s easy, eliminates the need for travel, and allows interaction among participants (if desired). I’ve used it for groups ranging from 2 to 100+ people.

In addition to remote presentations, you can use GoToWebinar to record training segments. This is an inexpensive way to build up your company training program. Create short 5-10 minute recorded segments, save them as Windows Media files, and post them on your corporate Intranet or web site.

Audacity: Free audio tool for recording podcasts, background music, etc. I used this tool to create study-audio while attending night school. Saved as mp3 files, the study Q&A sessions were played back while I was commuting to work.

Post a comment if you have other tools you’ve used for training.

One thought on “Tools for Training – alternatives to PowerPoint

  1. Laura

    I used the GoAnimate feature in Youtube and ceeatrd a quick video. I was actually surprised that it had so many features.Although there was some sort of rendering issue between GoAnimate and Youtube for the first video I ceeatrd (it renderes using GoAnimate and post automatically to your Youtube account)I ended up creating another quick video and the next day GoAnmiate sent a message out to all users stating that indeed it was a hiccup on their end and that if we access GoAnimate directly from our Youtube account again the original video will now autopost to our Youtube account.Yes! It did post ;)All in all GoAnimate is going to be very useful video creation tool to make quick high quality animated videos.


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