Google yourself twice a day? Google’s Wonder Wheel

By | 2010/01/22

ZDNet reported on January 12, 2010 – Privacy Commissioner of Canada, Jennifer Stoddart, suggests we Google ourselves twice a day. I agree with the concept of googling your name, but twice a day?

Of course, after skimming the article, I googled myself and found a view option I hadn’t noticed before – “Wonder Wheel”. Here is what it looked like after a search on my name:

Google Wonder Wheel

Google Wonder Wheel

Google released this in May 2009. The Google Wonder Wheel has a goal of “simplifying and arranging search results”. OK, but what can you do with it? Google offers a Wonder Wheel step-by-step here. As you click on each of the spokes, the wonder wheel layout expands. It offers a visual way of searching through related keywords.

For example, here’s what happens when I click the “linux firewalls” spoke of my wheel:

Google Wonder Wheel

after clicking spoke

The wonder wheel is a nice view feature to see what topics are linked to your name. I was pleasantly surprised to see that my name connects to my professional interests — technology, leadership, and security.

Googling yourself is done simply to see what’s out there about you. Is your online reputation built on your professional work, your party life, or is it missing altogether? If you hired a PR firm to represent your personal brand, what results would you want?

Does anyone out there really Google themselves twice a day?

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