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By | 2016/05/18

Handshake Ordering SolutionsHandshake Mobile

We’ve been enjoying Handshake’s sales rep ordering solution since 2013. Since then, Handshake has created additional solutions to accommodate a variety of ordering audiences – still catering to business-to-business (B2B). We are now using all three of Handshake’s excellent ordering solutions, which are:

Sales rep ordering

We implemented Handshake’s sales rep ordering solution first (in 2013). Today, we have 25 sales reps using the Handshake ordering app  on iPads with  a bluetooth-connected Socket scanner. Our reps place orders daily through the Handshake infrastructure.

Handshake Direct

Handshake Direct is our B2B web ordering portal, which provides B2B ordering capabilities via a web interface. We provide the B2B portal to hundreds of customers, with thousands of items ordered weekly.

Handshake Direct Mobile (pictured above)

Handshake Direct mobile solution is provided to customers who want a mobile ordering experience, which allows the user to walk around the store and scan products to order.

Why Handshake?

I’ve been a huge proponent of Handshake from the start. We had (and still have) an excellent relationship with this software vendor from the very first day and the implementation was one of the easiest IT experiences of my life (see the early implementation details here).

One of the biggest reasons for chosing Handshake over other similar products (Ai2, MobiAir, Verge, Novex) is the extreme ease-of-use. It sounds simplistic, but easier-to-use software offers enormous cost benefits, due to a decrease in cost for training and ongoing IT support. Training and support costs are often missed in traditional ROI calculations, but  can add up to significant lost value over several years.

We’ve been able to maintain our very small (micro-sized, really) IT staffing footprint, in spite of rolling out a brand-new ordering platform to 25 sales reps and 300+ customers. Additionally, as a SaaS vendor Handshake continues to enhance the platform, and we get the benefits without the management and expense associated with a team of developers.

After 3 years of work with  Handshake, I can add that the Handshake team of people is another great benefit.  Their support team is wonderful – always quick to respond. The group of engineers is awesome – using customer feedback to create new features that benefit everyone. And CEO Glen Coates is a genuinely nice guy who has pulled together a great team of talented folks.

If you are in the market for a B2B ordering platform, I highly recommend Handshake.



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