Be Obsessed or Be Average

By | 2017/02/15

I’ve read a bunch of business books over the past six months. All were good and there is value in each. Out of the 5 books I’ve recently read, I found Grant Cardone’s Be Obsessed or Be Average delightfully different.

Obsessed or Dedicated?Be Obsessed or Be Average

The first thing I noticed about this book is the author’s unapologetic focus on success. I’ve never observed someone like this, who is obsessed with success and not afraid to say it.

My first experience with obsession was when I first started taking programming classes (WAY back in the 1980s). I was obsessed with the idea of creating programs and was excited to tell everyone about what I was learning. Most responses were lukewarm, at best. This can kill enthusiasm in most people, but my obsession with learning has lasted my whole life (no doubt due to my stubbornness/persistence trait, which is a post for another day).

Good Obsession = Enthusiasm

Being obsessed with success is good. It gives you focus, energy, and enthusiasm. There are a million things in everyday life that threaten to shift  attention away from our goals. This means we must constantly refocus on the goals or we’ll never reach them.

The obsessed aren’t committed to popularity, they’re committed to success. – Grant Cardone

As someone who received my education the hard way (20 years of night school!), I spent many evenings and weekends working on schoolwork while my friends and family did fun activities. It didn’t bother me, because I love learning. But on many occasions I heard people who care about me say things like “don’t overdo it” or “take time to relax” or “maybe you should stop for a while”.

Likewise, within a company there are always competing objectives. Most companies have a slew of goals and they’re typically all very good things. But it is up to the leader of the company to maintain FOCUS on The Most Important Thing. This isn’t always popular. Without a bit of obsession, it’s tempting to bail.

Do great things and those who want to do great things will find you and want to work with you. -Grant Cardone

I’m convinced there is nothing more fun than leading a great team to great success. Remarkable things happen when you find the right team members (who are competent and able to work well together), and then focus that team on a worthy goal. People want to win and they want to work on winning teams.

Hire people who want to make money and make a difference – not just people who have bills to pay. -Grant Cardone

There is a huge difference in attitude between a leader who focuses on expenses vs a leader who focuses on opportunities. Of course, while both need attention (bills must be paid), truly great companies have leaders who inspire achievement in others, rather than just providing a paycheck.  Transparency of corporate goals allows employees to help make a difference. It provides a sense of purpose and employee engagement, while also helping achieve the goals – win-win!

If you want spectacular people, it starts with you being spectacular. -Grant Cardone

I truly believe in being a role model for the behavior we wish to see in others. The late, great Earl Nightingale once said “Our environment, the world in which we live and work, is a mirror (often a merciless mirror) of our attitudes and expectations”.

Be spectacular and you will attract spectacular people. Be average and you will attract average people.

This book helped confirm my hunch that it’s OK to be obsessed with worthy goals. True leadership is using that obsession to help others achieve their potential while reaching together for a common goal.

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