This blog aims to gather techie and leadership tips in one searchable spot.  Whenever one of my team members has an ‘ah ha’ moment, or I learn something new, I plug it in here as an attempt to make it a resource for others. My high-level career goal is to harness ALL the resources (business & tech knowledge, contacts, staff, peers, vendors, new ideas)  for business success.

My role today is VP of Engineering & Technology at J. B. Hunt. I’ve held many leadership roles in the past, including Chief Executive Officer of EchoData Group; and senior-most technology executive at Cooper-Booth Wholesale, The Jay Group, and Sheeran Direct. I also co-founded an IBM Business Partner company early in my career. In my spare time, I occasionally teach cyber security for the SANS Institute (Security Leadership class ), serve as a GIAC Gold Advisor, and a DCP instructor at Albright College.

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3 thoughts on “About

  1. Husain Sutarwala

    Interesting work!! I stumbled upon your website and have Google to thank for it. 🙂

    One of your blogs from yesteryear talks about Web Services in Epicor 9.XX and how to connect to them. Do you have an updated blog on Epicor 10 for the same?

    Many thanks once again!!

    1. lhomsher Post author

      Thank you – it’s hard to remember life before Google!
      Sorry, I don’t have an Epicor 10 web services update, but I suspect the connection process would be the same – with maybe a few changes to the object/methods on the Epicor side. Try to connect with the steps I outline on my Epicor 9 instructions and Epicor should return something (error or otherwise) that will provide feedback on what changes might be required.

      If you make progress, post and let us know. Good luck!

  2. Kevin Thiele

    The Gutsy Side of Integrity

    I am also attending a series of sandler sales training sessions and find them invaluable.
    Your one page schematic looks like the perfect reminder. Could you please send me a copy?




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