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Smartwatch? Yes, Please!

This year I ended up with several BestBuy gift cards that accumulated into real value — enough that I could buy something fun. I decided on a smartwatch. After researching the watches available at BestBuy, I narrowed it down to these two (based strictly on looks and Android-compatibility): Huawei Moto 360 Next, I researched general pros/cons online… Read More »

Create Custom Labels and Print From Any Mobile Device

So, you want to print custom labels from an iPad (or Android tablet, phone, whatever)? We recently finished this exact project. Here’s how we did it… First, a little background: our custom labels are price labels we print for our customers. The labels must contain the following: The retail price (not the price we charge… Read More »

Eclipse and Android

Mobile applications are hot. I have several clients who want to port web apps to mobile environments. So when I was given my research project for school (Albright College), I was stoked! The Eclipse IDE with Android plugin is awesome.