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Create Custom Labels and Print From Any Mobile Device

So, you want to print custom labels from an iPad (or Android tablet, phone, whatever)? We recently finished this exact project. Here’s how we did it… First, a little background: our custom labels are price labels we print for our customers. The labels must contain the following: The retail price (not the price we charge… Read More »

5 Steps to IT Excellence – Step 1: Assessment

One of the benefits of entering an existing (but leaderless) IT environment is the fresh perspective we can apply while establishing the organization’s technology goals. When starting with a blank sheet of paper, you can’t take anything for granted. Sometimes this clean start can be helpful — even in strong IT environments. Every now and then, it’s good to question the status quo, reassess risk, and confirm past decisions. Why wait until things get bad?

IT Optimization vs IT-run-amok

Over the past few years, I’ve been hired into IT positions that were vacant for a period of time (no CIO/ VP-IT/Director of IT). This means I was not aware of existing project plans or future goals. In this situation I’m starting from scratch, which means assessing the current environment to determine future plans.The temptation in this type of role is to immediately identify high-visibility IT projects and push them forward. As the new IT expert, your chance of approval may be higher if you push projects early. However, assuming new tech is needed without fully assessing the existing environment often leads to IT-run-amok.