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Amazon’s new B2B supply site

Will do to B2B suppliers what did to Borders and Circuit City? Within the industries represented on (fasteners, cutting tools, office supplies, etc), all prices are clearly visible. This is a BIG change for B2B products. Large organizations tend to have procurement teams, who often work with a set of established vendors.

Customer Service in IT

I was privileged to hear motivational speaker James Lloyd at the 2nd annual DSS Tech forum this week. His topic was customer service and he made several very excellent points. First, if you are ONLY meeting customer expectations (and doing nothing more), your grade is a C. Customer Loyalty occurs at levels A & B, but not at level C. If we’re only meeting expectations, the customer is loyal ONLY until a better deal comes along.

IMU Grads Get Educator Tools

Inbound Marketing University is giving grads the opportunity to showcase their expertise by teaching and empowering other business owners and marketers through new IMU educator tools! Inbound Marketing University Certification Program The Inbound Marketing University modules include an enormous amount of information. Review them over lunch, between meetings, whenever. After you have tackled all of… Read More »

How to be a successful agent of change

Most people hate change, and with good reason — change isn’t always comfortable. It often requires us to go outside our comfort zone and try things that take more-than-average effort. As info-tech professionals, we’re often agents of change. I rarely see people react to change with open arms and a smile. More likely, change is greeted warily — or with outright hostility. Why is change so difficult?

Google yourself twice a day? Google’s Wonder Wheel

ZDNet reported on January 12, 2010 – Privacy Commissioner of Canada, Jennifer Stoddart, suggests we Google ourselves twice a day. I agree with the concept of googling your name, but twice a day? Of course, after skimming the article, I googled myself and found a view option I hadn’t noticed before – “Wonder Wheel”. Here… Read More »