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Problem Solving – Back to Basics

In my younger days (many decades ago), I learned how to troubleshoot through a program to fix a particular issue. WAY back then, in the days of punch-cards, troubleshooting required logical and systematic thought. We couldn’t simply tweak the code, recompile, and try again five minutes later, because the process to submit changes to keypunch, receive the updated program cards, and get time on the compiler could be hours. I think I was a more patient problem-solver back then….

Useful Excel Functions

Like you, I’ve used Excel for years (decades, actually). I don’t consider myself an Excel guru. In fact, I have a wonderful long-time consultant I call on for serious Excel work (THAT GUY is a guru!). But on a day-to-day basis in my new job, I find myself doing more and more work in Excel.

Often, manipulating data in Excel is flat-out easier than working directly with the database. Here are a few real-life examples you may find helpful.