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The Gutsy Side of Integrity

For the past several weeks, I’ve been fortunate to attend Sandler sales training. The Sandler training program includes a bunch of keywords, pictures, and techniques designed to shift sales people from the stereotypical used-car-salesman-type to a trusted and professional advisor. Whether or not you are in sales, as a working professional you will probably find yourself selling something to someone (ideas, projects, opinions, decisions, budgets, etc).

Roaming Q and A

As agents of change, IT managers have the daunting task of ensuring the user community is informed regarding changes that are deployed. One of the methods to keep users informed is training sessions. I’ve covered different types of training tools in past blog entries. In this write-up, I’d like to highlight an approach I recently stumbled upon that worked extremely well – roaming Q&A.

IMU Grads Get Educator Tools

Inbound Marketing University is giving grads the opportunity to showcase their expertise by teaching and empowering other business owners and marketers through new IMU educator tools! Inbound Marketing University Certification Program The Inbound Marketing University modules include an enormous amount of information. Review them over lunch, between meetings, whenever. After you have tackled all of… Read More »