Handshake B2B Ordering Solution

Handshake Ordering Solutions We’ve been enjoying Handshake’s sales rep ordering solution since 2013. Since then, Handshake has created additional solutions to accommodate a variety of ordering audiences – still catering to business-to-business (B2B). We are now using all three of Handshake’s excellent ordering solutions, which are: Sales rep ordering We implemented Handshake’s sales rep ordering solution first (in 2013).… Read More »

Pick Programming Deja Vu

Pick/MultiValue systems are still abundantly active! Typically running as legacy applications, Pick/MultiValue systems are often running mission-critical business processes. This post is a reference for Pick and MultiValue systems.

Smartwatch? Yes, Please!

This year I ended up with several BestBuy gift cards that accumulated into real value — enough that I could buy something fun. I decided on a smartwatch. After researching the watches available at BestBuy, I narrowed it down to these two (based strictly on looks and Android-compatibility): Huawei Moto 360 Next, I researched general pros/cons online… Read More »

FREE Fascination Report

About a year ago, our leadership team at work took a very easy online assessment by Sally Hogshead called the Fascination Advantage. With just 28 questions, the assessments categorized our team into a Maverick (head of sales), a Guardian (head of finance),  and a Mastermind (head of IT – me), along with several other, equally fitting assessments. We were surprised… Read More »