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5 Things to Know about B2B eCommerce

B2B eCommerce Business-to-business online ordering is poised for significant growth. According to Forrester “the US B2B eCommerce market is worth approximately $829 billion today, and we expect it to reach $1.2 trillion over the next five years”. I’ve implemented many types of B2B ordering systems over the past 15 years. Some were cloud platforms. Some were… Read More »

DIY Integration with Handshake

Today’s tech story is about do-it-yourself integration between a legacy system and a cloud application.There is no budget for this project. We are trying to migrate our sales reps away from their 7-year-old PDA infrastructure to something that works with their existing iPads. We found handshake-app.com and it appealed to us for several reasons…

Amazon’s new B2B supply site

Will AmazonSupply.com do to B2B suppliers what Amazon.com did to Borders and Circuit City? Within the industries represented on AmazonSupply.com (fasteners, cutting tools, office supplies, etc), all prices are clearly visible. This is a BIG change for B2B products. Large organizations tend to have procurement teams, who often work with a set of established vendors.