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How to Tackle a BIG Tech Project

If you are lucky, you only have ONE really big tech project to manage, like ERP implementation or a huge integration project. If you have several going at once, it is even more important to stay focused on the most important tasks first. We know to break big projects down into smaller tasks, but how exactly does one do this and can it be done wrong?

The Great IT Team

What makes a great IT team? A good IT team can become great by sharing a common vision. This vision can come from corporate leadership, or it can come from within IT. Lack of a corporate vision need not prevent IT from adopting its own vision statement.

M&A from an IT View

Here are a few tips to help you navigate the IT projects that result from M&A activity (and feel like a swirling vortex of chaos). There is nothing really new here — this list is simply to help you remember what you may already know.

Customer Service in IT

I was privileged to hear motivational speaker James Lloyd at the 2nd annual DSS Tech forum this week. His topic was customer service and he made several very excellent points. First, if you are ONLY meeting customer expectations (and doing nothing more), your grade is a C. Customer Loyalty occurs at levels A & B, but not at level C. If we’re only meeting expectations, the customer is loyal ONLY until a better deal comes along.

How to Love What You Do

In a Harvard Business Review blog post, Jeff Stibel highlights the importance of passion for our work: On Entrepreneurship, Steve Jobs, and Unashamedly Loving Your Work. While every job has its highs and lows, ideally you’d like the good moments to outnumber the bad. In some situations, there are factors beyond our control that contribute… Read More »

Taking IT from technology-based to value-based

I’m in a new job, which offers me the benefit of looking at the IT department with an outsider’s perspective. What I’ve noticed is that this group of IT professionals has been trained to be technology-focused. In some environments this can be a good thing, but this company needs solutions, not just technology. One problem… Read More »

Roaming Q and A

As agents of change, IT managers have the daunting task of ensuring the user community is informed regarding changes that are deployed. One of the methods to keep users informed is training sessions. I’ve covered different types of training tools in past blog entries. In this write-up, I’d like to highlight an approach I recently stumbled upon that worked extremely well – roaming Q&A.

How to be a successful agent of change

Most people hate change, and with good reason — change isn’t always comfortable. It often requires us to go outside our comfort zone and try things that take more-than-average effort. As info-tech professionals, we’re often agents of change. I rarely see people react to change with open arms and a smile. More likely, change is greeted warily — or with outright hostility. Why is change so difficult?