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5 Steps to IT Excellence – Step 3: Cost & Low Hanging Fruit

In our last post, we identified our top priority projects, based on likelihood and business impact. Remember, these projects started from our own assessment, combined with firsthand feedback from department heads, IT staff, vendors – anyone possible.

Now we’ll attach estimated costs to each possible solution, keeping in mind that costs may go through several iterations. Think of this initial step as a BUDGETING step – not necessarily the fixed cost for the absolutely-best solution to each problem.

IT Optimization vs IT-run-amok

Over the past few years, I’ve been hired into IT positions that were vacant for a period of time (no CIO/ VP-IT/Director of IT). This means I was not aware of existing project plans or future goals. In this situation I’m starting from scratch, which means assessing the current environment to determine future plans.The temptation in this type of role is to immediately identify high-visibility IT projects and push them forward. As the new IT expert, your chance of approval may be higher if you push projects early. However, assuming new tech is needed without fully assessing the existing environment often leads to IT-run-amok.

How to Tackle a BIG Tech Project

If you are lucky, you only have ONE really big tech project to manage, like ERP implementation or a huge integration project. If you have several going at once, it is even more important to stay focused on the most important tasks first. We know to break big projects down into smaller tasks, but how exactly does one do this and can it be done wrong?

How to Love What You Do

In a Harvard Business Review blog post, Jeff Stibel highlights the importance of passion for our work: On Entrepreneurship, Steve Jobs, and Unashamedly Loving Your Work. While every job has its highs and lows, ideally you’d like the good moments to outnumber the bad. In some situations, there are factors beyond our control that contribute… Read More »

How to be a successful agent of change

Most people hate change, and with good reason — change isn’t always comfortable. It often requires us to go outside our comfort zone and try things that take more-than-average effort. As info-tech professionals, we’re often agents of change. I rarely see people react to change with open arms and a smile. More likely, change is greeted warily — or with outright hostility. Why is change so difficult?